sapo game chullito frog toy, plush frog toy




  • The Sapo Game Plush Toy 10 and 19 Inches Tall
  • Colorful Peruvian Hat  (Chullo) Fabric from Cuzco-Peru
  • Colorful Chullo Tail



How to play The Sapo Game

How to Play The Sapo Game

People have been asking questions and the most important one is, how do you play The Sapo Game?

Below you will find the simplest way to describe HOW to play The Sapo Game.


The Sapo Game – Distance

  • What is the distance to play The  Sapo Game?  10-15 feet
  • Can I make the distance shorter? Yes, if you are new to playing this game. It is recommend you practice until you feel comfortable to play The Sapo Game


The Sapo Game – Tossing the Brass Coin

  • Q: How do you hold  the coin before tossing it? 
  •      A: Hold the coin between your fingers. DO NOT THROW the coin, toss it.
  • If you want the brass coin to land inside the SAPO’s mouth, I do recommend tossing the coin on a 20°- 45° angle. if you get the coin inside, do not forget to say “SAPO!”
  • Overall, you will find your own style after you get to play The Sapo Game


The Sapo Game – Tossing the Brass Coin Technique

  • Q: Do you recommend a special technique?
  •       A:  Yes, to spin the brass coin like a small version of a Frisbee. Spinning the coin gives more chances for the object to land on the “holes”