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The Peruvian Coin Toss Sapo Game

sapo game
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The Peruvian Sapo Game...

to enjoy with family and friends!

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The California Sapo Game

Handcrafted to the perfection!

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Peruvian Sapo Game

The Peruvian  Sapo Game (Juego de Sapo Peruano) comes to California.
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The Sapo Game Gallery

The Peruvian Sapo Game comes in two different colors. Custom orders are available!
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RENT, BUY The Sapo Game!

Enjoy The Sapo Game with family and friends. Toss the coin and …  SAPO!
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Playing The Sapo Game – Video

California Sapo Game – Peruvian Game

Some attribute the origin of this game to an ancient Inca legend. In this culture the toads were revered for their magical powers. On holidays gold pieces were thrown into lakes, being that if a frog jumped and ate the piece, it turned to gold and was granted a wish to the shooter.

California Sapo Game brings two uniques styles to the Sapo gamers in California.

  • High Quality Material.
  • Re-in-forced high quality leather for high coin impact.
  • Two models two choose from (custom orders are available).
  • Two color available. Green and Golden-Brown (custom colors are available under request).
  • Wheels are installed for easy transport (see gallery)
  • Custom Numbers are available in 2 and 3 digits for scoring.
  • Rental is available. (see rates)

About Us

The Sapo Game is a family own business. THE SAPO GAME or “Juego del Sapo” comes to California in a very exciting model.


We want to offer a piece of Peruvian Culture to California. Although is a Peruvian game, everyone is welcome to participate, play and be part of this legendary Inca game. Toss the Coin…and SAPO!!

  • Handcrafted ...

    One at the time is our focus. Handcrafted to the detail and dedication to the passion that involve our Inca heritage.

  • True Handpainted ...

    Our Sapo Game is hand painted in order to resemble freshness and originality. Other colors are available! (call us for more details) please visit our gallery.

  • be the first one ...

    In order to get “SAPO” it takes practice, precision and timing. do not get  discourage  have fun until you yell “SAPO”.

  • Custom designs available ...

    The Sapo Game brings two basic designs. Also, we offer  the brass top spinners and the wood handmade “boat” (visit our gallery) spinners to suit your needs.

What people say about us

David S.

I can’t wait until I get the coin inside the “Sapo”. I am becoming a Peruvian every weekend playing with my friends.

David S.Yorba Linda, California
Anna V.

My family enjoys playing while we BBQ. Specially my husband who brings memories back from Peru.

Anna V.Orange, California
Carlos M.

Love this game. The Sapo Game is fun to play. Neighbors passing by, always ask me about the origin of this game.

Carlos M.Los Angeles, California
Juan E.

Thanks to The Sapo Game I will teach my kids to follow a traditional Peruvian game to their generations to come.

Juan E.Irvine, California